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"It's not really political wanting people to eat better and be healthier," she said. "That's something that Cherry Bombe stands for 100 percent." According to Diamond, it was only natural for her team and "Bombe Squad" (what they call avid readers of the magazine) to take an active role in calling for protection of women and the garden. This is also not the first time Cherry Bombe has started conversation in the political sphere. Their "Food Fight" event held after the election last fall invited people involved in the food and social justice space to speak about their work and concerns. "Some people definitely voiced political opinions, but it was more aimed at spotlighting the intersection of food and social justice, which I think is going be a big thing this year." RELATED: An Afternoon with the Badass Women Behind the Women's March The T-shirt, in Diamond's opinion, is less a leap into politics and more a continuation of what her team has already done. And they've gained a considerable amount of support seen on an Instagram post featuring Diamond with her rescue cat ("and reluctant model") Dusty. Stars like Padma Lakshmi , who commented saying she would buy "dozens," have bought shirts and thousands of other women have liked the post (2,600+ at last count). "It's all stuff that we believe in: Women. Cats.

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