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Buddhist practices of Tibet, Japan, and Korea are also populated with other non-historical Buddhas as well as numerous bodhisattvas. "Bodhisattvas are spiritually realized figures who have attained enlightenment but postpone nirvana (the ceasing of cyclic existence) to assist other sentient beings until all become enlightened," says Paul. "In art, bodhisattvas frequently are distinguished from Buddhas by jewelrydiadems, earrings, necklaces, armlets, bracelets, ankletsand by luxurious, often gravity-defying clothing that floats around them." Secrets of Buddhist Art includes sections that examine how Buddhism explains the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth and which particular Buddha and bodhisattvas are worshipped to promote good health, longevity, and increased wealth. The exhibition also features portraits of teachers and students not only from different regions and periods of time, but also from different Buddhist schools within each region. Particularly rare for any museum collection are the two complete sets of biographical paintings. The detailed hagiographies (biographies of saints) include fifteen Tibetan paintings that illustrate the life of Tsongkhapa and four Japanese paintings that illuminate the life of Tokuhon. Tibetan Monks to Create Mandala in Education Gallery As the featured component of the exhibition's education gallery, Ritual in Action: Making a Mandala Sand Painting, seven Tibetan monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery in India will construct a sand mandala with millions of grains of colored sand. Mandalas are elaborate circular designs that are intended to represent the universe or a cosmic order. The making of temporary sand mandalas is an expression of devotion unique to Tibetan Buddhism. "The mandala connects to the older works of art and reminds us that this is very much a living practice," says Frist Center curator Katie Delmez. Beginning on Friday, February 10, visitors can watch the monks work for five consecutive days.

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