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They borrowed concepts from men’s clothing sizing, labeling their selection by inseam length and other measures of proportion instead of the ambiguous numbers that plague most women’s clothing. The sisters describe the store’s style as “approachable,” offering both staple pieces (jeans, black dresses, activewear) and trendier clothing (the type of thing you’d see on Pinterest, Rosenthal says). During their time as a brick-and-mortar shop before going exclusively online last year, Rosenthal and Black say the emotional response to their clothing was unexpected. Women would laugh or cry with relief at finding clothing that made them feel at home in their own body after feeling self-conscious about their height for so long. They describe a long-legged woman who was still too short to shop most “tall” shops, and her excitement over finally finding jeans that fit. “We want to create a community where women feel comfortable,” Black says. In order to expand this community, Amalli Talli closed their physical store and went online-only. It's a sign of the times, not a sign of defeat: it's simply easier to reach a wider audience if your customers can shop from their homes. So far, the sisters say they’ve received messages of thanks from women as far away as Australia. “It speaks to the time that we’re in,” Black says.

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Biggie Smalls' daughter opens 'Notoriouss Clothing' in Brooklyn

The 9 Items of Clothing You Buy After a Breakup The thing people don't tell you about break-ups is that they're $$$$$$$. Depending on your situation, you might have to: move out, worry about health insurance, get therapy, replace things that shattered after you threw them against a wall, invest in your own tube of toothpaste (sad), taxi home alone, keep your Sadness Popcorn Jar full, etc. But one of the unspoken expenses of the Last Goodbye is all the clothes you buy afterwards. If you're in possession of any spare cash post-split, you may find yourself acquiring item after item...after item of new-era, new-me clothing. Right???? Some of these purchases may be easily justifiable (there is no way you're going back to your ex's house for those mules, no matter how dainty they make you look). Others...not so much. Either way, it's most definitely a thing. Here are the 9 garments we found ourselves the new owners of after heartbreak.

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