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Smarakoon and the other volunteers call this the Bruin Shelter , which is also the name of their UCLA student group. The non-profit group theyve started to raise money and pay rent for two rooms at the church is called the Greater Los Angeles Student Shelter. It opened in October, offering nine beds, a lounge, toiletries, breakfast and dinner for area college students without a place to live. A student supervisor sleeps on site each night for security. If needed, students using the shelter can stay six months. Over three dozen students from UCLA and Santa Monica College, Smarakoon said, applied for nine slots. They gave the slots to students from both campuses. We really want to start a discussion, we really want to get everyone else thinking about how moved here can we help these students, because college student homelessness hasnt been tackled by policymakers, he said. The shelters organizers said theyre protecting the privacy of students using the shelter so a recent visit took place while students were away. The students, they said, were not willing to be interviewed. By offering long term emergency housing and food the shelter is filling a gap.

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