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President Barack Obama. The No Problem hitmaker, who counted Obama among his famous fans and performed for his fellow Chicago, Illinois native at the White House last year, has posed for a photoshoot for designer Joe Freshgoods Thank You Obama range of apparel. The line includes a T-shirt bearing the Democrats likeness wearing a crown, a top featuring the name of former First Daughter, Malia, and a basketball jersey with the number 44, in honor of the 44th President of the U.S., who is known for his love of the sport. The hip-hop star helped to launch the clothing via his Twitter page , writing, Im a model now. #ThankUObama droppin (sic) in like 15 minutes. ThankUObama.us. Once the products went live, fans rushed to purchase the pro-Obama collection, prompting the site to crash briefly. Explaining the reason for creating the collection, Freshgoods said: With this project I wanted to timestamp a period in my life where I felt like I can do whatever I wanted to do and be whatever I wanted to be. The night Obama won his first term gave me so much hope, especially & most importantly as a black man.

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David Jones The vote, he said, would be on the final draft agreement and would be held before the European Parliament considered the matter. "This will be a meaningful vote," he told MPs. "It will be the choice of leaving the EU with a negotiated deal or not." Former chancellor Ken Clarke, the only Conservative MP to vote against beginning the official Brexit process, said his colleagues should be wary of any talk of concessions until the details became clear of what was being offered. And asked what would happen if the Parliament rejected the Brexit deal or if there was no agreement with the EU, Mr Jones said the UK would "fall back on other arrangements" - meaning it would default to World Trade Organisation trade rules. "To send the UK government back to the negotiating table would be surest way of undermining our negotiating position and delivering a worse deal," he added. MPs, who overwhelmingly backed the European Union Bill last Wednesday, are currently in the middle of three further days of more detailed debate, with the Commons looking at amendments proposed by MPs. Article 50 Mr Corbyn, who backed the Remain side in last year's EU referendum, has ordered his MPs to support the government's bill, whether amendments are accepted or not. If passed by Parliament - with the House of Lords due to scrutinise it after the Commons - the bill would allow Prime Minister Theresa May to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, getting divorce talks with the EU under way. Mr Corbyn argues that it would be undemocratic to ignore the will of the people, as expressed in last June's EU referendum. But some Labour MPs - 47 of whom defied Mr Corbyn's orders last week by voting against the government - say ministers need to be subjected to greater scrutiny over their plans for Brexit. Shadow business secretary Clive Lewis has vowed to oppose the bill unless Labour amendments, including a move to ensure a "meaningful" parliamentary vote on the final exit deal the prime minister achieves, are passed in the Commons.

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